Dustin Johnson – Swing Analysis

In this weeks Meandmygolf Weekly we analyse Dustin Johnson’s golf swing.

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  1. Nevin81

    Great Video. DJ seems like a good lad.
    He won his US Open Oakmont Country Club in 2016

  2. mike8688

    Great video as always. While I have much more a natural draw, my buddy I go out a play with a lot comes severely over the top(10-12 degrees after seeing his club fitting last week) and very steep. Onc…

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Mike, glad you liked it and awesome work on your game. Haha that sounds great! Make sure he pays you! A lot!

      Thanks so much and keep up the great work.


  3. Matthias Dunlop

    Hey guys,
    Thanks for this! It is very informative and looks like something attainable (not the DJ thing, but the leg positioning). I’m looking forward to working on this (when the snow melts)…

    1. Andy

      Yes Definitely Matthias. The leg positioning is certainly attainable. hope it helps.



    2. Piers Ward

      Hi Matthias

      Thanks so much for your kind words, as you say said copying his swing fully would be a mistake, but trying certain aspects can really help. Keep us up to date with your progress.


  4. conroykd

    Hello, Great video! Do you recommend flaring the right foot outward 45’ or less to get the right knee bend and good hip rotation?

    1. Andy

      Hi Conroy. Yes this can certainly help free the trail hip up if you are a little tight. Experiment and see how it feels for you. let us know if it helps.



  5. Andrew Witney

    Hi. I struggle with taking the club back on the inside I would assume more active hips on the takeaway might exacerbate this problem?



    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Andrew I hope you’re well and great question. Yes for sure this is something that can happen, the key would be to work out if allowing for a more active leg would benefit you and then making sure …

  6. Julie B.

    Can you do videos with Tiger Woods? Can I send you a video of my swing? Thank you.

    1. Andy

      Hi Julie. We would love to do a video with Tiger. Hopefully we will one day. unfortunately we don’t offer swing analysis as we just get so many requests to do them.

      1. Julie B.

        O.k. Thank you.