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Dustin Johnson Controlling Wedges – Meandmygolf Weekly

In this weeks Meandmygolf Weekly we interview Dustin Johnson about his wedge game.


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  1. cobalt_dewald

    Awesome video, thank you! It’s really cool to see that the time and effort DJ puts into his wedges are paying off.
    How can someone who does not have access to TrackMan practise their distance control…

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the comment. Yes DJ was incredible and it shows that keeping things simple in practice can make all the difference. If you are on the range it can be difficult but what we would suggest is …

  2. mkkt

    Great video. The trackman all be it the best but is out of the price range of most amateurs. Any chance to review some of the other more amateur affordable launch monitor devices ?

    Thanks for all y…

  3. 1engel

    Great video, which makes me curious. DJ mentions in the beginning three swings with his wedges, what 3 swings are these? Are these % shots/backswing?

    1. Andy

      Hi Mark. I think those swings are just slightly different in length yes. He keeps it that simple. He didn’t go in tot too much detail but I’m guessing that it would be half, 3 quarter and full. Great …

  4. Fenton Newport

    Omg thats just amazing. Certainly shows the difference between professionals and amateurs.

    1. Andy

      Very impressive Fenton! Great to watch.



  5. Fenton Newport

    For those who are asking Swing Caddie device is pretty good for measuring your distances at an affordable price. I have one and its awesome