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Driver Setup

Learn how to setup correctly with a driver.


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  1. rodglen

    The whole K Bomb set-up has really helped me guys, so thanks. My preference is to start with my weight on the trail foot simply because it makes it simpler and gives me greater consistency.

    1. Andy

      That’s great! Glad this was useful for you!



  2. Ian

    You have shown in other videos what happens when one strikes the ball with the driver low and to the heel, and high towards the toe. Where is the real sweet spot for the driver? One might think it’s a…

    1. Andy

      Hi Ian. Hope you are well? Thanks for the question, that is a great one! Myself and Piers will discuss and film a video for you on this and show you how it affects launch conditions, speed and overall…

  3. luvtapar1988

    Hi Guys,
    Would love your input on driver shafts, i had a fitting done, and having trouble deciding on a shaft, I have a fast swing speed (Swing speed was averaging around 117) produce lots of spin an…