Cupped Wrist Take Away

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  1. ktheriault

    This is extremely helpful drill. Slowly developed an extremely closed face on the takeaway…which turned into a consistent pull, and the longer the club the more extreme the pull. Was struggling fo…

    1. Andy

      Great! Happy that this has helped.

  2. ffinch

    I’m using this information not only in my take-away, but for my wife who is just starting out in her game and struggled with closing her club face resulting in many of her shots not just hooking but g…

    1. Andy

      You are welcome guys! Thanks for the support. Hope we are helping.



  3. Matt E.

    Love this thought and move. For a natural drawer of the ball, this has helped me immensely. Do you suggest trying to maintain that cup all the way through to (1) the top of the swing and to (2) throug…

    1. Andy

      Hi Matt. That’s great! It does depend on your shot shape but trying to keep the cup at impact will be tough sand we wouldn’t recommend it. If you make an adjustment in the back swing and your still ho…

  4. Ryan S.

    I have recently developed a severe hook but only with my driver. My irons are mostly straight and true with maybe a slight push. Why would I be hooking with driver and not my irons?

    1. Andy

      Hi Ryan. Firstly, make sure you check the strike. Spray the face with foot or strike spray to see. You may be a little toe! Next, check your grip and then club face in the back swing. This is usually …