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Consistent Putting

Watch this video to get more consistent with your putting and improve your technique.


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  1. Kathy Morrison

    I’ve really enjoyed watching your most recent putting videos. Thank you for all the brilliant tips – can’t wait to try those drills. Incidentally, I’ve noticed that Pierce has changed his grip from …

    1. Kathy Morrison

      Sorry for spelling your name wrong Piers!!

  2. ellygolf

    Hello, i am really struggling with putting recently. Struggling with the weight of it – very short or very long. Not feeling the weight. I don’t think it is my wrists. I am a long hitter and have a lo…

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the question. As far as weight goes, that is down to personal preference and the type of greens you are use to. Lighter putters can work better on fast greens for example. Also when it come…