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Chipping Off A Wet And Muddy Lie

In this on course golf tip we show you how to best chip from a wet and muddy lie.


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  1. hmunster79

    Great Video for the end of Winter into Spring, Keep up the Great work on the GREAT and Wonderful content!! Your site has really helped my game a lot!

    1. Piers Ward

      Hopefully you won’t need this shot for too much longer!!! Thanks again Piers

  2. Scottyfo2000

    Do you have a video for how to hit the wedge from a bare/dry spot?

    1. Piers Ward

      Hey Scott

      We don’t just yet but a lot of it is actually very similar to what you’ve just seen, but when the conditions firm up we’ll be on that video for sure. One of the main keys is to have a san…

  3. mstefko1

    Great video! Here in Northeast Ohio it can stay wet and soggy on the course all through April and into May what with those “April Showers”. Would the same principle apply to full shots from the fairwa…

    1. Piers Ward

      Hey thanks so much for your kind words… yes for sure you can work on this off the fairway as well. Yes we do have videos for hitting out the rough but basically the worse the lie the more back in t…