Chipping – Grip Pressure

Grip pressure is often overlooked when chipping.  In this video, we look at how to apply the right amount of grip pressure.

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  1. NIGEL T.

    I tend to use a medium grip as a tighter grip means runs on further than l want. Very helpful drill – thanks

    1. Piers Ward

      Great stuff Nigel, keep up the good work..

      Thanks Piers

  2. Peter

    This is a real weakness in my game. Sometimes I chip really well, other times it’s as though I’ve never picked up a club. Feeling the clubhead resonated with me, getting the right grip balance so you …

    1. Andy

      Hi Peter. Great to here you are enjoying the plans. Have a great weekend.



  3. adam m.

    Ideally I try to have light grip pressure, so the ball comes off the face a bit softer. But from the rough I grip tighter to keep the club face square and moving through thick grass. The ball seems to…

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Adam yes love all of that! That’s how I would do it… great stuff… Piers