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Fix Your Slice – 30 Day Challenge


30 day challenge

Are you losing distance, strokes and confidence because you can’t get your slice under control? Do you fantasise about how your experience of golf would change if you never had to worry about slicing the ball again?

If so, this is 100% for you.

We’re delighted to bring you Fix Your Slice – an ultra-simple, ultra-powerful 9-step system that we’re confident WILL fix your slice forever.

We’ve gone through this process in person with thousands of students over 20 years of coaching, and now it’s time for us to reveal all and give YOU the exact blueprint for fixing your slice for good. Not for one round. Not for a few months before it starts creeping in again. FOREVER.

And to make things extra interesting, we’re combining the launch of Fix Your Slice with a 30-day challenge – kicking off on 1st June. We’ll unveil the entire 9-step system on this date, and then invite you to join the rest of our community and work through the program together!

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