Hybrid Chipping

Time and time again we see golfers produce poor shots due to poor club selection around the greens. Many of you still go for the most lofted club in the bag when you have a good lie and plenty of green to work with. It is so difficult to consistently produce the shot that you want especially under pressure. A great alternative to using an iron when chipping is a hybrid.

The nearer the ball lands to you, the easier it is to play the shot so getting the ball on the green early will almost certainly improve your chances of chipping it close.

The beauty of using a hybrid club is that it has a relatively low loft and a flat sole. This will help to get he ball rolling quickly and also allow the club to slide along the turf, reducing the risk of any digging of the club.

Choke down on the club to give you more control and stand closer to the golf ball.



Simple produce and smooth even back and through swing allowing the club to slide along the ground or even just skimming it. The ball will skip over the fringe and get rolling fast just like a put. This is a much more predictable shot and consistent way to chip it close.



Give this a try and post any questions you have below.

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  1. James Kimbell

    Hi Andy,

    I am trying to work on playing my hybrids better. Any chance you guys could make a video dedicated to striking the hybrid? Also, when is it wise to chip using a hybrid? I carry 50,56 and …

    1. Andy

      Hi James. Thanks for the comment. Glad to hear you are improving! Will discuss with Piers about filming a video for you. It is a rare shot really but a good one maybe on a poor lie where the club coul…

  2. hrhamblen

    Neat! I use to use a driver or 3 wood back in the day for the same thing. The looks my playing partners gave me when I pulled them out of the bag to chip onto the green. Then the “wow” I got after rol…

  3. ffinch

    Can you recommend a preferred loft of hybrid? I currently only have a 4 Hybrid in my bag. I normally use a 7 or an 8 to bump it up and run to the hole on chips that have a ways to go. Thanks for your …