Do You Slide In Your Golf Swing

Do You Slide in Your Golf swing?

The Slide swing Fault is any excessive leg movement towards the target in the down swing. This move makes it very difficult to rotate and stabilize your lower body. It is hard then to pass on energy to the upper body, which in turn can reduce your club head speed and usually leads to swing plane issues and loss of power.


To fix your slide visit the “Swing Faults” section of

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  1. alec grey

    Good advice! However, have a problem/ fault that I just cannot fix. No matter how closeI stand to the ball ( only the driver) still strike the ball towards the toe. Any thoughts?

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Alec.

      It could be a swing plane issue where you are too steep or “over the top”. Take a look at this swing fault in our section and see if you are doing this. Video your swing if you can and there…

  2. jcs38104


    Just becoming involved with your web site.

    Struggling with contact (fat shots) and direction (everywhere) issues.

    There are so many tips you have I find it difficult to prioritize what pro…

    1. Andy Proudman

      Thanks for your message. Have you managed to film yourself at all? This will really help. If you have direction issues and contact issues then worry about that first. I would suggest you make sure you…

  3. Adam

    Would is possible for you to provide the link for the video version of this tip or complete web version; I can’t seem to find the full lesson anywhere. Thanks, Adam.

  4. Pete Holsapple

    Golf is not an easy game. When I saw this article it made me think about a recent article I read from GolfTec Titled, Swing Tru Motion. They sampled 48 different body motions from over 13,000 golfer…


    Hi Both,

    New to the website and wondering if there are any specific videos and drills for an in depth look at how the golf club should travel through impact and beyond the follow through.


    1. Andy

      Hi Ben. We have lots of videos on this yes. Make sure you check out some of the coaching series! Our advice would be check out the shot fixer section as your through swing will be directly influenced …

      1. DYSONBEN

        Hi Andy,

        Sorry just seen this – is there a way to create an e-mail alert when you guys respond to our comments?

        I have a very low ball flight and tend to get stuck behind with a block that occa…

        1. Andy

          Hi Ben. Great idea, i will mention that to the programmers now and see if we can do that. If you have a very low ball flight then you need to look at your club face as you will be creating a low dynam…

  6. Jim

    I did video my swing and noticed that my head moved toward the target after transition in downswing. Swinging inside (no ball) on carpet, I noticed that when I kept my head still I was able to transfe…

  7. Rawli1981

    Hi. Is this advice still current as i have seen a lot of tips recently and players training over the winter to develop a slide in their swing. Or is this different to beginning the transition with the…

    1. Andy

      You still want lateral movement of the hips in the downswing yes. If you slide it is when your hips are excessive that’s all. hope that makes sense?



  8. Kevin Sampson

    I’m having trouble hitting my irons. If I don’t get help soon I may walk away from this game I have grown to love so much……….please help

    1. Andy

      Hi Kevin. What seems to be the problem and can you tell us what thoughts you have when swinging.