Do you know where you strike the ball?

Knowing where you strike the golf ball on the clubface is one of the most commonly overlooked factors in game improvement.  Because of modern technology we have so much information available to us now, we have machines that can tell us the angle of attack, clubface to path, swing direction etc. etc.

Of course all of this matters but you can have fantastic club head speed, face position and swing direction but if you are striking the ball all over the club face you are going to hit bad shots

What we like to get our students to do is to measure their strike patterns by putting stickers on the clubface or even using specialist sprays which you spray on the clubface or even foot spray! Yes foot spray! We ask people to hit 10 shots and then look at the patterns they create, most of you if not all of you will be scattering the ball across the face.  I’m not going to go into which strike causes which shots, all I wanted to do with this article is talk about how important the skill of hitting the centre of the club face is.

When noticing your strike patterns although you’ll find that you will be striking the ball in different locations across the face you will start to see some trends, the objective then is to identify what causes these strikes and then work on the drills or techniques to change them.  So if you are striking the ball out of the heel for instance then go and see if you are doing any swing faults that are causing these and then work on the drills to correct them.


By putting spray or the face tapes on your clubface you could be on the road to creating more consistent golf shots.

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  1. Nate

    I am overall a decent golfer (6 handicap), but struggle with consistent driver ballstriking. My misses are either to hit the drive thin (bottom 1/3rd of face), or hit off the heel of the driver. Worki…

  2. Ian Duncan

    One of the biggest disappointments for the weekend golfer is length off the tee despite all the technology in modern drivers. The size of the face may help with forgiveness but in my case (18 handicap…

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Ian. Thanks for the comment.Many people struggle with the driver due to poor impact factors. They struggle to create good launch conditions to maximise distance. They key is to get fitted even if …

      1. Ian Duncan

        Yes, thanks Andy

  3. kuhn315

    I just recently bought some impact paper to see if this was encouraging my slice. I went out today and most of my shots were slightly off centered, but on the higher end of the club face. I noticed wh…

    1. Andy Proudman

      A higher mark on the face (driver) will encourage a higher launch and lower spin which can help distance if you are striking it too low on the face. Have you filmed your golf swing at all?



    2. Andy d

      Check out golf grip videos here or with rick sheils on u tube.rick changed my grip for slice and then worked on club path. Both places are great.luv these guys. cudoes to meandmygolf and rick shiels.

  4. Brayden wood

    HI guys

    last time i put one of those stickers on my driver i saw that it came right in the circle and still went to the left

    I didn’t know why??

    1. Andy Proudman

      If it went to the left then your club face is closed at impact. You need to find out if your club face is closed due to your grip or your golf swing. Usually it’s due to grip or back swing.



  5. wlleclair

    Hi, guys…I just noticed out on the range today that I am hitting (my driver, at least) toward the heel quite often. My fix was to stand further away from the ball and I hit some much better shots. …

    1. Anthony Khan

      I had the same problem it’s a simple fix and after all these years I figured it out keep your head behind the ball the more your head goes forward beyond the ball you’ll start hitting it consisten…

  6. John

    I top and hook the ball

    1. Andy

      Hi John. What are you currently working on?