Do you have a Disconnected Move Away?


This swing fault occurs in the first part of the back swing and is when the arms disconnect or separate from the body. This makes it very difficult to sequence the back swing correctly so that your arms and club are synchronised with the body. This can lead to poor swing plane and club-face issues ultimately leading to inconsistent golf shots.

To view the video of this swing fault and to fix this, go to our Swing Faults section in the video vaults.

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  1. Calvin

    Hi Andy,
    Great stuff! Really does help with the explanation with the visuals you have provided. However, would you be able to explain abit more about at which point of the swing we should begin the h…

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Calvin. Thanks for the comment. We will answer your question on here for next week if that is ok. We have a new weekly video called the impact show so I have chosen your question to talk about. Tha…