Dealing With Anger On The Golf Course

With coaching a technique so readily available now a days, most golfers have something that they think about when it comes to improving their swing mechanics. It may be working on a better backswing move or it may be training a better hold or down swing but the majority will certainly have “swing thoughts” that they have in order to improve.


Many of you are aware that the “mental game” is very important in golf but when we often ask our students what are they working on to improve their mind on the golf course, they often look at us blank.

Having the awareness of how you are on the golf course is the first step but having the tools to be able to work on it is where you can really improve and create good habits to help your game.

Dealing with bad shots seems to be a big one amongst golfers as they tend to let one bad shot spiral out of control and carry that for the next few shots, hole or even the round. Many golfers are aware that they do this but do not have the tools to change it.

Here are two ways to deal with poor shots to help you move on and focus solely on what you have in front of you and forget about what is behind you.

1. The 10 yard rule


Give your self a 10 yard rule that after you hit a bad shot you can moan, curse and be upset but as soon as you walk 10 yards you have to forget about it and move on.

2. Club back


Another great one is to say as soon as you put your club back in your bag after a shot you have to forget about that shot and focus on what you have to do next.

You may think that these seem very simple but you now have two tools that you can work on during play that will help you with dealing with poor shots. When practiced this will soon become a habbit and hopefully that poor shot will just be that and you will be able to think clearly about the rest of your round and save even more shots.

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  1. Driver_135


    While I have played at many sports, I am new to golf. Funny thing is, I am rarely mad over a bad shot in Lacrosse or a missed throw in Judo. The difference I think is having an opponent wh…

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Hugh.

      Thanks for the comment. Yes it can take some practice on keeping calm but if you take your approach from Lacrosse it will help. Have that funny mentality over your bad shots and it will cert…

  2. Ellis Reid

    Hi guys,

    After struggling with form and attitude on the course my playing partner in our winter league introduced me to your videos and website to help deal with my posture and most importantly my…

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Ellis.

      Thanks for the comment. Great to hear that we have helped you out and your game is getting better. Please keep us posted and let us know what content you would like us to produce? Thanks fo…

  3. tomjnuttall26

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for the great advice with my mental game, I’ve been watching your videos for years and this is the most helpful article (all of your stuff is helpful too) that has worked so far. I j…

  4. luvtapar88

    Hey Guys,
    Would love some input on the mental game, and how to take what i do onto the range, onto the course. Just the other day a buddy said to me “you never need another lesson again, just a good …

    1. Andy

      Great question. I would say that you need to look at your practice session and see if you are adding in some “random practice”? This is where you will vary shots, clubs, targets etc to simulate the re…

  5. RudeDude85

    Could you guys perhaps delve into the way water plays into your mindset? Take the 17th on TPC sawgrass. You would think 140 yards would be easy money for tour pros, but so many players put it in the w…

    1. Andy

      Will discuss this in the next Q&A. Yes it’s something that even the pro’s struggle with. One key is having a clear, practiced routine that allows you to separate the thinking from the playing. We do c…

  6. boxout

    I often get angry while playing golf and also while doing other things. There are several sources for my anger. It could be a poor shot, a 3 putt, etc. I am not as concerned about the effect of this o…

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the question and honesty. The first step is done, you aware of it and it’s not good for you or the people around you. A couple of suggestions for you. Firstly, why are you getting angry? Mo…