Create good body angles

Time and time again we see golfers problems are a result poor posture and it is often over looked due to it’s simplicity and golfers are tending to look for a more detailed and complex explanation. Having an athletic posture has a tremendous affect on your ability to produce an efficient golf swing and will help you become a great ball striker. Playing links golf can place different demands on your game due to course and weather conditions. With links being exposed, we generally see strong winds and when the wind is up, stability and balance is key if you want to find the middle of the club face.

This puts even more emphasis on creating a solid set up and posture and many golfers over look this part when this could be the key thing that could change their game.

Creating good body angles and engaging your lower body before you even move is what all the best players in the world do on a day to day basis and something that they continually work on.

When it comes to the Open Championship, players will be prepared for everything links golf will throw at them and when you take a look tournament week you will see how balanced and stable they look but also “ready” to move!

A good neutral spine angle and hinge from the hips is key to help you rotate as best you can but creating some awareness with the ground is equally important. We generate power from the ground up so our connection with it is crucial for consistency.

Golfers tend to lose that neutral spine angle but also over bend the knees at set up. This makes it extremely difficult to produce a consistent contact but also causes them to lose balance throughout the golf swing.

When you have hinged forward from your hips, simply feel that you “flex” your legs rather than “bend” them. This will allow the weight to move to the middle of your feet and engage the lower body. Be aware of how your lower body feels, it should be activated and ready to go. A great swing needs a solid foundation and if you start as you mean to go on, you will strike that golf ball better and better with a great posture.


Golf is developing in to a more athletic sport so lets get athletic from the start and give ourselves the best chance possible to produce our best swing.

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