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Rated 5 Stars By 172 Happy Members

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Break 90 gives you Andy and Piers’ secrets to breaking 90 in golf consistently, laid out in a simple step-by-step online coaching plan.

 No confusion, no overwhelming, conflicting advice – just a single philosophy and practice plan to get your golf to the next level.

Tried and tested by thousands of golfers around the world, Break 90 is one of our most popular coaching plans, because it gets real results, fast.

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Rated 5 Stars By 172 Happy Members

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2 Practice sessions of 50 balls/ Min of 9 holes on course

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Piers and Andy are two of the most popular and well-respected PGA coaches in the world, with over 750,000 YouTube subscribers, 1 million social media followers and students that include European Tour champions. This is the closest you can get to face-to-face lessons with the best coaches in golf, so take advantage of this amazing  chance today.  

Rated 5 Stars By 172 Happy Members

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does online coaching work?

Nothing matches one-on-one coaching with an experienced coach. And we know that very well, which is why we still offer personal coaching ourselves! However, we also understand its limitations. Let’s start with the price. For a single, face-to-face coaching session, you’ll be paying around $200/hour. You can get a full annual membership for less than the price of a golf lesson. But it’s not only about the price! With Me and My Golf, you train at your own pace. You choose the time that fits your schedule. Whether in the middle of the night or early in the morning, we are just one click away. And, of course, with Me and My Golf where you train is up to you. You can watch and practice in your garage, in your office, or on the driving range. At Me and My Golf, you will learn from the best coaches in the world. Our online coaching is incredibly cost-effective and your schedule doesn’t need to revolve around your golf coach. Our content is always accessible online and this is something that can help you balance work and family commitments.

Why should I pay when you offer loads of free tips on your YouTube channel?

Tips are just individual tidbits of information that might help your game, but these are actual lessons and structured training plans that are tailored to a specific objective.!

How fast will I see results from Me and My Golf?

This depends on how much time you spend practicing. However, our plans have been designed to bring you results in typically 4-6 weeks.

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