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I absolutely love that you teach in a simple and practical way that allows one to understand and then implement on the practice range as well as on the course. The weekly drills have proven to be excellent and I can feel how this transitions into my game on the course. Initially, of course, too much thinking on the course but slowly becomes ingrained. After my last 18 holes (83) was totally pumped and had not enjoyed a round of golf like this in many many years. Two thumbs up MAMG!


Excellent plan and worth every dollar. I recently picked up the game (I played my first round in March) and I was making great strides until about 2 months ago. I hit a wall and couldn’t seem to improve any further. After working through this plan and going through the drills on the range, I noticed an immediate improvement in my scores and finally broke 90. I shot an 87 on Monday and followed it up with an 84 the very next day. Thanks!


It really helped me. I’ve already shared with you that I broke 90 (with an 84) a few weeks ago. Today I shot an 89, so it seems to be repeatable 😉 Now it gradually looks like golf, is becoming so much more fun.


I never thought that this course would improve my game even close to what it did. It’s amazing. Not only am I breaking 90, but I am also breaking 80! ⛳🍾 I can genuinely recommend, it is REALLY good! 👍🏼




Our online golf coaching membership offers you the chance to join a global community of like-minded golfers who are seeing amazing, permanent results and playing better golf than they could have ever imagined.

We witness incredible results and transformations across our membership, from newcomers to the game to breaking 80 week in week out. But don’t just take our word for it! Here are some more reviews of Break 90 for you:

mmg 5 stars

Great plan. I just shot 85 yesterday and it felt great. 8 out of 14 drives were straight-ish. I really played freely and confidently. I expected to hit good shots and more often than not, I did. Even my bad drives ended up in a fairway (the wrong one). Thanks guys! Keep the good content coming.

mmg 5 stars

Awesome and very effective coaching plan. This truly helped improve my game. I’ve definitely become more consistent in shooting in the lower 90s and occasionally breaking 90. Give this series a go if you’re looking to improve your game. Well done

mmg 5 stars

This program has helped me tremendously. First it was break 100, then break 90, and now after the 87 i shot this past weekend, i am on to break 80. Keep up the good work, these coaching plans are the number 1 reason my scores are consistently dropping. Thank you!!!

mmg 5 stars

This is an amazing plan. Thank you guys for the opportunity of learning from you. I broke 90 in my second week, now when I miss a shot I know exactly why I miss, my game has a lot to improve but for sure this plan improved it a lot. Thanks Andy and Piers

mmg 5 stars

This coaching plan is a top class, pragmatic and usable offering – there’s something in there for everyone. This plan (together with a couple of clips from the video vault) made all the difference for me – it took me back to scores I had 10 years ago, but with modified techniques to take into account an ageing body and reduced mobility.

mmg 5 stars

The pivot drill from week 1 is a great way to work on deep practice and really feel what the proper movement is. Same with the cross-hand drill for wrist angles in Week 2. I’m finding the par 3/4/5 strategy information very useful on the course. This coaching plan definitely helped in my shooting an 86 this afternoon. Thanks for the great content.

mmg 5 stars

Thanks Andy and Piers finally broken 90 for the first time. Also managed to do it not only once but twice this week shot 85 and 89. Taken me a little while longer than 6 weeks due to my job working away from home but persistent has paid off thanks again.

mmg 5 stars

Fantastic and highly recommended to my friends. Great reminder and got huge improvement on consistency to shot under 90 and played a few rounds of low 80s within these six weeks as well. Will try to gear up to the next level. Thank you Piers and Andy!

Chi Yeung
mmg 5 stars

Broke 90 today with a score of 84! I’ve been following Piers and Andy’s plans (First 100 and now 90) and it just works. Of course with the necessary personal effort and focus. Thanks guys! You have helped my golf game reach a new limit. Cheers




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