Break 100 has proved to be one of our most consistently popular coaching plans year after year – because it gets real results, that last. Many of our members easily cruise through the 100 mark within weeks after implementing the tips, drills and secrets in the plan.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at some of the reviews and testimonials from our members who have used Me And My Golf to consistently break 100 and have transformed their experience on the course.

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I am into the 3rd week of break 100. I just finished playing 18 and shot an 88!!!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!!! You guys are AWESOME. Thank you so much


Can’t recommend this enough. Everything about the plan is top notch. Break 100 has taken all the guesswork out of improving my golf game. Ball striking has never been better. Also, I’ve drastically reduced the incidence of slicing


These courses are incredible. Picked up golf this season. I broke 100 for the first time after about 8 or 9 weeks, playing once per week. Thanks guys.


I can’t thank you boys enough for these coaching plans. I stumbled onto you guys on YouTube last year and started to take some of your tips to the range, because golf instruction here is about $80 to $100.00 dollars an hour. As a single dad I couldn’t justify spending that a few times a month, so I subscribed and started the Break 100! What a game changer that was for me, and now at 45 years old my swing speed has increased, and my consistency is almost there. This coaching plan has not only gotten me to break 100, I have broken 90 on a regular basis from the back-tee boxes (can’t seem to get passed 86!!!).




Our online golf coaching membership offers you the chance to join a global community of like-minded golfers who are seeing amazing, permanent results and playing better golf than they could have ever imagined.

We witness incredible results and transformations across our membership, from newcomers to the game to breaking 80 week in week out. But don’t just take our word for it! Here are some more reviews of Break 90 for you:

mmg 5 stars

The Break 100 Programme has been amazing for taking me back to some key fundamentals of the swing. I’ve found it has made my misses so much smaller and given me a lot more confidence when aiming at the target. The ‘course management’ and strategy elements are just brilliant – its a level of thought I didn’t get too when I was playing before. Can’t wait for the Break 90 next

mmg 5 stars

Great program! I started playing golf seriously 2 and a half years ago, and my scores hovered around 105 to 115, with 100 on a good day with some miracle 95’s. After the 4th week, I was able to shoot an amazing 40 in the front 9 to score a 94, then followed up with another 95, then an 88!

mmg 5 stars

For a casual golfer who would pick up and drop golf for the few hot months we have a year, but who now wants to take things more seriously and better my game, this was the perfect course to get me going. The ‘back to basics’ approach allowed me to relearn how to swing a golf club, and lose my steep/over-the-top downswing. I now have much more consistent ball striking which a higher trajectory, and I have broken 100.

mmg 5 stars

Finally broke 100! I am so much more consistent now that I know what I am doing wrong! I love the drills and it made me enjoy golfing so much more! The videos are easy to follow and understand. Everything is easily duplicated in the practice range and course. The quality of the videos are unparalleled- you will not find better!

mmg 5 stars

Well I have just done it !!!! 94! I am absolutely loving your coaching plan, what a fantastic concept, with you both in my corner this year will probably be my best year yet. Thank you so much to both of you and I am so looking forward to week two of the coaching plan

mmg 5 stars

I played a round with friends this past Saturday, and my improvement showed throughout my game. I ended with a score of 88 and shot 3+ on the front nine. Thank you, Piers and Andy, for all of your instruction. I will certainly continue watching your videos, practicing, and hopefully improving even more.

mmg 5 stars

Break 100 has taken all the guesswork out of improving my golf game. Ball striking has never been better. Also, i’ve drastically reduced the incidence of slicing, it only returns when I play ego golf and try to spank it off the tee that the boomerang shot comes back.

mmg 5 stars

Before starting the program I would score between 110-120 depending on the course. Now I’ve broken 100 twice and my last five rounds have been 96, 103, 99, 101 and 102 – all on different courses.

mmg 5 stars

After watching many golf reviews I have found myself overwhelmed with so much information and differences of opinions, I will often have too much in my head when headed to the course and making my shots. I have decided to isolate my learning to what you guys are teaching here. I feel like I have found a good foundation to my playing and you guys don’t overwhelm with information. This has helped my mindset on the course. I have a long way to go but I am on my way. Thanks for the great series, and I am ready to break 90




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