Are You Hanging Back In Your Golf Swing?

The Hanging Back Swing Fault is defined as lack of weight shift to the lead side in the down swing. Usually the golfer has more weight on their trail leg at impact. This swing fault is one of the main causes of the heavy shot where the club bottoms out too early and can even cause a top and high trajectory. Transferring your weight to your lead side will not only improve your contact and trajectory but will also increase your club head speed.


Common Causes

  1. Open club-face – When the club face is open in the back swing it is very difficult to start the down swing with the lower body as this would leave the club face more open at impact. The compensation is to hang back in effort to square the face and get the ball to target.
  2. Physical causes – Lower body strength/ hip mobility/ core strength Ankle stability/ poor disassociation.

To fix you hanging back, go to the “Swing Faults” section of the Video Vaults for our best drills.

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