3 Things To Avoid When Gripping The Golf Club

When it comes to gripping the golf club it has a huge impact on your performance and overall consistency on the golf course. So if you are learning the game or simply struggling then checking your hold is a great place to start.

There is no ONE Way to hold the golf club as many great golfers have unorthodox grips and play amazing golf. However, from our experience there are certain things to avoid and a couple of key things we like to get our students to do as a starting point, especially if you are a “newbie”. 

The club face is mainly responsible for the starting direction of the golf ball, so getting a hold that will allow you to deliver a consistent face at Impact with power is key.

Here are 3 things to avoid when you hold the golf club……

The High Palm

This is where the club is positioned too high in the lead hand running through the palm. This limits your ability to use your wrists efficiently and makes it very difficult to create a good wrist set in the golf swing, which is very important for POWER and strike. 

We prefer to see the grip a little lower in the hand, so that it runs diagonally underneath the heel pad through the base of the forefinger. From here your wrists will have much more freedom to move and can often make squaring the club face much easier.

The Deep Interlock

Most golfers get told that they MUST interlock their fingers when they hold the golf club. This actually isn’t necessary and tends to cause problems. Most golfers do this by getting their little finger and forefinger too deeply “locked” and often take their hold with their palms facing outward. This tends to put the writemypaperbro club too much in the palms in BOTH hands and again causes wrists and club face problems. 

We recommend that golfers START with their palms facing each other and take a “baseball/ 10 fingered grip” so that the hands are in a more neutral position. Once this feels comfortable they can then either move to the “interlock” or “overlap” if they feel that it will benefit their game.

Weak Trail Hand

We very rarely see ANY good golfers with a “weak” trail hand. This is where the hand is too far over to the left (for a right handed golfer) so that the “V” between thumb and forefinger points more to the left shoulder. The main issue we see with this is that it wants to open the club face during the golf swing and this is one of the KILLERS when it comes to producing power and consistency. 

Place your trail hand on the side of the golf club so that your “V” is pointing more to your right shoulder. This will help produce a “stronger” club face from here and make things easier when it comes to producing a good consistent down swing and IMPACT.

Just remember that these are guidelines and are what we see that cause golfers problems. The key to the hold is to give you the best chance possible to produce a consistent IMPACT so Follow these and find what works for you.

Any questions please post your comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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  1. Sean

    Hiya my name is Sean and I just need a bit of advice.I struggle to hold the club properly unless I have my right hand above my left.if I do it the opposite way round I don’t feel in control of the c…

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Sean, yes absolutely it’s fine to hold the club that way. You will be restricted in certain areas but still all good to play this way. The one thing I would suggest is that you do consider givi…

  2. Bob

    In your weak trail hand explanation you talk about “(for a right handed viagra)”. What does that actually mean?

    1. Andy

      Hi Bob. Thanks for pointing this out. This was a spelling mistake. It was meant to say a right handed “golfer”


  3. David Ellis

    What causes me to all of a sudden start flipping my wrists over to the left and causing a real bad duck hook to the left

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi David ok the biggest reason for the hook with over active hands is the Under The Plane Swing Fault, check out the Shot Fixer (Hook) to see if your club is too much under the plane. Often the best …

  4. Rich Salsbury

    I’m right handed had a total dislocated pinkie finger on left hand had surergy Jan 15 2020 have not been able to make a full left hand fist or bend left pinkie finger. Any suggestions how I can alter …

    1. Andy

      Hi Rich. Thanks for the question. One thing you could do is go to a larger grip thickness. That may help. If you aren’t already, try interlocking the fingers so they are secure and together. regarding…

  5. Austin

    I have found that if I position the pinky finger of my lead hand off the end of the grip, I am able to hit my shots straighter. Is this something I need to stop doing? Will this cause me problems when…

    1. Andy

      If it works Austin then keep doing it. It’s all about what works for you.



  6. pegasusja

    This article, in the paragraph describing the deep interlock, has a sentence with a link to the Web site writemypaperbro.com: “This tends to put the writemypaperbro club too much in the palms.” Though…

    1. Andy

      Thanks John. I will take a look now. Appreciate the heads up.